Who am I?

I am an outcast

My name is Simon, I currently am seventeen and I don’t know what to identify myself as. A gamer? A teenager? A geek that’s interested into technology? A student? It’s not clear to me, I have so many things to identify myself as, so in the end, I identify myself as nothing. Just like when I want to play a video-game. I have 167 games in my Steam library and the vast choice that I have makes me not want to do anything, so I procrastinate, just like at school.

I recently finished high school, and I have only done two homeworks in the last year, simply because I didn’t feel like it. Over the year, we’ve been assigned well over a hundred homeworks, but since most of the time, multiple homeworks were given in a single day, the number of it intimidated me so in the end it resulted into me not doing them. I don’t think I’m intelligent, just very lucky, since I was able to get the general grade of 67 percent. Ouch. The thing is, I would have been able to get around 80% in those if I took the time to do my homework, but seeing how much of a lazy excuse of a human being that I am, I’d rather sit in my chair for hours on end and play video-games.


Should I identify myself as an outcast? Not sure, but the chances are yes, I might be an outcast. Sure, I was asked by the cool kids at school if I wanted to come over to their house and smoke weed, and sure, I accepted. That was literally the first time in my whole school career that I was willingly asked to hang out with someone. Only a few weeks after, I was asked to prom by a friend of mine. She was a nice girl, she just didn’t have anyone to go to prom with, so I accepted going out with her. Prom? Boring. The after-prom? It was a massive party, I had a lot of fun, until I passed out in my tent. 8 shots of vodka, two beers, two glasses of champagne. After those, I’ve lost count.

But at least I was able to have friends for the majority of my last year of high school, so that’s good. But since it’s all over now, I’ve lost contact and to be frank, it doesn’t really make me sad. Because since I’m starting college in late August, I’ll have plenty of opportunities to make friends.



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